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Your Session

Scheduling Your Session

To schedule your session, call us as soon as possible with a list of potential dates.

Depending on the location and time of year, we may advise that you schedule your session for when the sun is low in the sky, generally between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., to take advantage of the optimum lighting. If mornings work best for you, we can consider an 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. session.

In the event that the weather is uncooperative, we can work out a rain date. We can usually offer rain dates with one to two weeks of your original session.

Our goal is to create eye-catching portraits in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Our priority is always that you are having fun. The best photos are taken when you're enjoying yourself!

Session Information

Our goal is to capture eye-catching portraits in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Our biggest priority is that you have FUN. Everyone wants beautiful portraits, but the process often isn't enjoyable. The day is dreaded, children are warned to be on their best behavior, and the resulting photographs reflect the stress experienced by everyone.

We prefer to conduct our sessions in places where you familiar because it is easier to relax and be yourselves. It also makes each session perfectly reflect your personality. This will result in the very best possible portraits.

The session can be done with natural light or we can add some simple portable studio lighting if necessary. We do have a portable studio with backdrops and studio lighting that can be set up if there is available space. Sessions usually last anywhere from one to three hours.

If there are important items that you would like to have included in the portrait such as a letter jacket, toy, etc., please have them ready prior to the session.


Senior Portrait Clothing Suggestions

Casual: Show us your everyday style — something that is unique and expresses your indentity.

School Spirit: Bring your letterman jacket, cheerleading outfit, band uniform or sports team uniform.

Your Fun Side: Leather or lace, grunge or club - show some attitude and have fun!

Fashion Diva: Girls…you’ll want to bring a cute dress and heels. Let’s play fashion model!

Dress to Impress: Girls, consider a formal evening gown. That prom dress was too pretty to wear only once! Guys, you'll want to bring something a little more formal, too.

Something Classic: This is the place to avoid anything too trendy. You don't want your kids to laugh at your pictures in 20 years!

Keep it simple. Solid colors are best. Avoid large, bold patterns and bright colors that draw attention away from your face.

Accessories: You’ll want to bring a ton. Dressing head to toe makes a huge impact.

Girls: Grab a bag and fill it up with:

- Makeup, shoes, jewelry and sunglasses

- Sports equipment and musical instruments

- Sweaters and jackets to give a basic outfit a new look

Guys: Don’t forget to bring:

- Sunglasses, jackets and shoes.

- Sports equipment and musical instruments.

The Ultimate Accessory: Bring your best friend, pet or sibling!

Good to Know:

- Don’t tan right before your session. Tan lines are distracting and are not included in our basic retouching services.

- For a more natural look, plan your haircut a week or two before your session.

- Guys, be sure to have a fresh shave that morning.

- Don’t worry about pimples or scratches. Our basic retouching services are included with your portrait order.

- Bring extra clothes because you can always change your mind.

- Girls, put on an extra coat or two of mascara and bring your lip gloss!

- Most importantly, bring a sense of humor. This is going to be FUN!

Children’s Portrait Clothing Suggestions

- Mostly White Clothing: This is a popular look for baby and children portraits. All white clothing gives a clean and natural look to the images, and is a great way to create a classic portrait that captures the purity of childhood. This is a common choice for family portraits as well. White clothing works great for outdoor photos as well as in-studio portraits.

- Bold Colors: Don’t be afraid to put your baby or child in bold colors or prints. Although we generally wouldn’t recommend a bright print for an adult (or newborns), vivid colors on young children will result in a playful, lively portrait. Take a chance with yellow only if you know it is flattering against your child’s skin color.

- Layering clothing can be a stylish effect.

- Multiple children or family portrait photography: Here is where it becomes important to avoid prints. Typically, you don’t want loud, distracting clothing in a portrait since it tends to lead the eyes away from the subject. It’s nice to coordinate clothing so that colors and styles complement one another. For instance, you don’t want one child wearing wintry clothing and the other in shorts and a T-shirt, or one wearing a nice dress and the other wearing ratty tennis shoes. Choosing clothes with similar colors unifies the picture and keeps the focus on the subjects.

Accessories and Props: We've done some adorable portraits of children wearing hats, tiaras, scarves, fairy wings, even tutus. If your child wears his Superman cape every day, maybe you should let him wear it in a few pictures. Why not? You want pictures that capture who your little guy really is, right? Also, he may be much more willing to take other non-cape pictures afterwards. Props can be great addition, too, so consider bringing your child’s favorite book, stuffed animal or toy.

Viewing Your Portraits & Ordering

Your portraits will be ready for viewing approximately three weeks following your session. At that time, we will schedule a time for you to come into the office to view a slideshow of your portraits. You will be able to make selections of your portraits at this time.